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Imagine someone with such Massive animals kodwa saying – he still Needs help to access Markets?
This gentleman Called Me through mfwethu Gugulethu G. Xaba saying he wants to sign up to be our Qhakaza Member through Amandla Omnotho cause he is struggling to sustain his Business, due to lack of access to proper Markets.
What people need to understand is this:
Formal Market vs Informal.
Farming is a tedious process that can be daunting if not sustained. I dont care even if you are planting 100 cabbage heads, if you are not sure who each is going to, you’d rather not take the risk. Reason why I say this is because I’ve had to help alot of farmers across KZN who were stuck with stock, after a successful Harvest, but no one to buy the Produces.
Now a formal market has
– A Client
– Supply Chain
– distribution model
– Key players of the Chain (Processors who add value, Inventory)
– Retailers / Value Chain
– Brand Marketing
– End customer.
Informal market has:
You >>> Supply mode(IVan) >>> Plaza >>> customers.
Yes you get Large amounts of Profits All at once, but it always is seasonal and conditioned on whether you have the demand or not at that time.
The former is a guarantee that your product is sold whether the customer is sleeping or alive.
This is consistent business and it helps you get sustainable returns as a farmer.
I have been a live Goat farmer and I’ve been I’ve product producer. I’ll choose the product Producer all the time, for one main reason… I decide the Value and thr Price 😎🙌🏾🥳
I will dig deeper into this subject when I start releasing my online course Next month in Feb.

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