Introducing our Business Associations

These are our Associations that have started being in operation, through trainings, business projects as well as other initiatives. Read and lick on the pictures for more information on how they work.

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This is our Goat Farming Association focused on Training, developing and managing Gat Farming related projects. 

The Vision is to formalize the goat farming industry, for more information click on the Picture on the left. Qhakaza Goats Association Picture on the left.

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This is our vermiculture farming Association that focuses on teaching as well as mentoring Farmers through worm breeding for manure as well as other products.

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This is our castor Beans association focusing on Castor Beans Farming and processing.

Link to website will be made avaialble.

Isulethu Mechanization Association is a Non-profit company that deals with availing the agricultural equipment that is suitable for any agricultural task.

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Contact: +27 73 7709 144/+27 78 635 3905