Seating with the SETA CEOs & bridging the Unemployment Gap in South Africa.

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This past Wednesday, Amandla Omnotho hosted its first ‘Seating with the CEOs’ Online session with the Chief executive officers of some of the SETAs in South Africa. We had the following CEOs in their respective order:

  • Ms. Nokuthula Selamolela – CEO of FoodBev SETA
  • Ms. Gugu Mkhize – CEO of INSETA
  • Ms. Ayanda Mafuleka – CEO FASSET
  • Mr. Menzi Fakude – CEO of Services SETA

Such sessions are initiatives begin to bridge the gap between the general public and the institutions that provide services for small enterprise development. Which is what is needed looking at the current state of the economy.

Hosted by Gugulethu. Xaba, host of  Amandla Omnotho on Ukhozi FM, the session had a full panel of SETA CEOs that lead SETAs in their respective industries. They had a chance to inform and educate the public on  the many services, benefits, issues and opportunities that local entrepreneurs can take advantage of. Benefits ranging from  funding and enterprise development to mentorship.

With the unemployment Rate at 32,6% in the first quarter of 2021 as according to the Quarter labor force survey, there is a need and for all key stakeholders of the economy to really share ideas and strategies to change this current situation.

Skills development and training is one of the initiatives to help create more striving Small business enterprises and which can assist in having entrepreneurs create quality based products and services to be competitive within their industries.

If we can  have more sustainable enterprises at the grassroot level, we can make impact in the whole socioeconomic landscape of this country through creating jobs.

All this an more can be achieved if we can encourage a more collaborative effort and work between public servicing intuitions like SETAs and government departments, because eventually the whole purpose is to service the people who are the economy.

For example, in the food supply chain industry, we can have more farmers trained to supply high-quality produce for processing. Whlist those in the processing sector creating locally produced products all working together in supply value chains and industries. 

With just that we have linked the benefits and services provided by the FoodBev Seta and the Agri-seta through developing these entrepreneurs collectively

So, the link for the much-needed development to take place in our country is on the ground, with the very people who are suffering from unemployment. By developing more Entrepreneurial skill and developing have their product offerings and educated about their respective Markets could lead to better business offerings and sustainability for SMMEs.

Even though some SETAs don’t operate by developing SMMEs and entrepreneurs but having such an engagement with the public is essential. This creates a better way for people to be educated on the services, and opportunities that such institutions and public officers offer for them public.

A massive congratulations to everyone that took part, and we hope that such engagements may continue to happen for our people can benefit from.

All Presentations & Recordings will be available.

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