Organizing ourselves to have sustainable businesses.

Building up from our successful Grand Economic Business Conference of 2019, we have now started incubation workshops for our Entrepreneurs to train them in their desired business. Our efforts are to organize ourselves in taking part in our Economy and seeing that our businesses are sustainable in bringing effective value to our economy. This workshop will have breakaway sessions that will enable our attendees to have a one on one opportunity with our key experts in their businesses. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get how you can start, to how to grow your business all the way to how to dominate the market at large. Don’t miss out.

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All the programs will run on the same day, the 14th
Venue: 54 Gladys Manzi Street, Durban. (It’s a big white double story building, just opposite Greyville Race Course ngase Game City
[06/02, 06:53] Gugulethu G. Xaba: We start at 08.30 and have breakaway sessions at 09.30 where each speaker will be required to address people for 3 hrs detailing the whole value chain.. And thereafter we are back to close off session

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