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“Amandla Omnotho is a programme run through Ukhozi FM radio, whereby listeners of Ukhozi FM are enlightened about economic matters. This is done on the back of Lighthouse Economic Development Institute’s (LEDI) vision of widening economic participation in South Africa, especially for persons living in township & rural areas of South Africa.

At the centre of Amandla Omnotho is opportunity-based entrepreneurship & political economic education, wherein deliberate actions are taken by those with interest to turn the tide on acidic poverty, intractable unemployment and economic inequality/ injustice are encouraged to become provide economic solutions.” Gugulethu G. Xaba

Amandla Omnotho Seminars

Through the program on Ukhozi FM, Amandla Omnotho has become well known for it’s seminars which cover most of the Business Sectors and industries discussed on the Show. The Seminars have created more contact engagement with the Business Experts who are already Experienced and in the Business.

Our Seminars always offer a hands on approach when it comes to creating meaningful opportunities for entrepreneurs in the local scope. Through Amandla Omnotho, attendees of seminars have organized themselves to get into Businesses such as farming, to Fuel Service. Through Adamopix Directed by Mr Gugulethu Xaba, such projects have received over R20 Million investments, contracts and Markets to supply for over the year. We do encourage people to be part of the movement, and sign up for the Association of your Choice.

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